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Thank you for your submissions to the NRPP tender. The current tender is now closed. Further details will be announced in coming months.

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As part of the Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) program, NRPP will be established to achieve better health outcomes for Indigenous people in the following five areas: 

Two thematic areas:

  • Expanding the TIS program's reach, to increase exposure of First Nations peoples to smoke-free and vape-free messaging and/or activities; and/or

  • Increasing the focus on preventative population health activities, to support the development, promotion and/or implementation of smoking and vaping prevention resources and/or activities across multiple regions; and/or


Three priority groups:

  • Young Indigenous people (youth) across all IREGs to support and improve their understanding of the harms of vaping and smoking, to prevent and reduce uptake in multiple geographies; and/or

  • Communities in remote and very remote Australia as defined by the ABS; to increase exposure of First Nations people to smoke-free and vape-free messaging and/or activities, particularly in IREGs with Indigenous smoking rates >44% and/or

  • Indigenous pregnant women, their families and women of childbearing age.


The NRPP will:

  • showcase an ability to increase the Tackling Indigenous Smoking program’s reach 

  • address one or more of the five NRPP areas above.

National Reach and Priority Projects (NRPP)

pregnant women
pregnant women
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